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See below for Ch. 37 Vocabulary. Links have been posted.  

  1. Taft Hartley Act
  2. GI Bill of Rights (Servicemens Readjustment Act of 1944)
  3. white flight
  4. Levittown
  5. Nuremberg Trials
  6. iron curtain
  7. Mao Zedong (Fall of China)
  8. Dean Acheson
  9. Berlin Airlift

10.  George Kennan (containment)

11.  Truman Doctrine

12.  Marshall Plan

13.  National Security Act

14.  NATO

15.  Loyalty Review Board

16.  Smith Act

17.  Dennis v United States (1951)

18.  HUAC

19.  Richard Nixon

20.  Alger Hiss

21.  Joseph McCarthy

22.  McCarran Internal Security Bill

23.  Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

24.  Thomas Dewey (Election of 1948)

25.  Dixiecrats  (Strom Thurmond)

26.  Point Four

27.  Fair Deal

28.  38th Parallel

29.  NSC 68

30.  proxy war 



Welcome to Ciocca's AP/GT United States History Wiki!


The purpose of this wiki is to work collaboratively to define significant terms for each chapter. You can then use this resource to study for quizzes and tests.


Refer to the class handout for guidelines and requirements. For each chapter you must (A) thoroughly define at least one term and (B) comment on at least three of your classmates definitions. These comments can be clarification, elaboration, a question, the addition of a visual (map, political cartoon, photo), primary source link, resource link, or anything that might enrich your classmates' understanding of the term and its significance, and (C) once you have completed both A and B, copy your term (no visuals or links) into the printable terms page for your assigned number for that chapter. Be sure you are in the correct period. This allows you to see all the terms for that chapter and print them for study purposes.


Remember to always use correct 'Wiki etiquette' by keeping all comments polite and constructive and never critical or unkind. Your grade will reflect the quality of your collaboration and contribution to this site. You will receive up to 70 points for the definition and up to 10 points for each comment. You may comment more than three times.


Due dates: Each chapter has a due date. Your definition must be posted by 7:30 AM on the due date. See six week calendar for due dates. Note that you can continue to comment up to the day of the test or quiz.


Follow directions on the handout to join the class wiki. This requires an email address. If you do not have access to an email address, please see me as soon as possible.


To get started, go to the Vocabulary Folder FOR YOUR CLASS PERIOD to the right (Navigator Bar). To do this, click on FILES then find your class period and click on that folder. Then click on PAGES. There you will find the links to the individual chapters where you may add your definitions and comments. You must use the EDIT button and be sure to SAVE before navigating away from the page. Be sure to add your definition to the correct class period and to the correct chapter page.


For some excellent APUSH websites, click on the Links Folder (Navigator Bar) or the Sidebar which has interactive quizzes and other helpful resources.





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