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NSC-68 (6)

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In the fall of 1949, Western powers were shaken by the communist takeover of China and the Soviet's test of the atomic bomb. As a result, President Truman requested a comprehensive analysis of Soviet and American capabilities. The result was an extensive document by the National Security Council examining the two powers from military, economic, political and psychological standpoints. The policy paper produced by the NSC (known as “NSC 68”) was one of the most important – and controversial – documents of the Cold War.  This document shaped government actions in the Cold War for the next 20 years.  Because its program for guiding U.S. foreign policy was so influential, it has been labeled the “blueprint” for the Cold War. Among its most important recommendations, it called for a massive buildup and an increase in funding for the armed forces in an effort to contain the Soviets. But beyond its authorization of a massive military build-up, the document is interesting for how it explains and analyzes the intentions of the U.S. and the Soviet Union in international affairs, and for other measures it advocates for expanding American power and containing Soviet power. Three months after the report was written, its assessment appeared correct: North Korea attacked South Korea on June 25, 1950, and the military buildup began.


Source: http://www.ied.info/articles/fabricating-incidents-to-start-wars/nsc-68-the-master-plan-for-the-cold-war





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