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Semester Two Review

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Spanish American War

Bruce Barton

Hawley Smoot Tariff

Dubois/Washington (philosophies)

New Deal

Bonus Army

Herbert Hoover


Open Door

Populists (1892)

Coxey’s Army

De Lome Letter


Plessy v. Ferguson

Social Darwinism

Social Gospel

Pendleton Act

Platt Amendment

Election of 1896

Fourteen Points

League of Nations

Dollar Diplomacy

Harlem Renaissance

Palmer Raids

Harding and Coolidge

Court packing

Election of 1912

Kellogg-Briand Pact

Casablanca Conference

Korematsu v. U.S.

Munich Conference

Yalta Conference

Election of 1948

Civil Rights Act of 1964

New Look vs. Flexible Response

Dawes Act

Frederick Jackson Turner

William Jennings Bryan

Philippine annexation and revolt

Knights of Labor

Settlement House Movement (Jane Addams)

“White Man’s Burden”

Alfred T. Mahan

George Creel (Committee on Public Information)


TR & Taft

Zimmerman Telegram

“Noble Experiment”


FDR’s solutions to Depression

Al Smith

Keynesian Economics vs. Supply Side

Scopes Trial

Stimson Doctrine

Taft Hartley Act

Harry Truman

America First

GI Bill of Rights


U.S. Recognition of Israel

John Foster Dulles

Election of 1964

Roosevelt Corollary

“Free Silver” – 16:1

U.S. Imperialism

Sherman Antitrust Act

National Labor Union


Reasons for U.S. entry into WW I

Reasons for U.S. entry into WW II

Robert LaFollette

Election of 1920

Espionage and Sedition Acts (WW I)

Authors of 1920s (themes)

War debt/reparations issue

Hundred Days

National Recovery Administration

Share our Wealth


Tennessee Valley Authority

Alphabet Agencies


Lend Lease


Korean War (38th Parallel)

Vietnam War (17th Parallel)

Red Scare (McCarthy Era)

Potsdam Conference

Suez Crisis  ‘56

Election of 1968


Annexation of Hawaii

Nativism – New Immigrants

TR as trustbuster

Panama Canal treaties

Frances Perkins

Share Our Wealth/Huey Long

Berlin Airlift

Truman Doctrine

Lend Lease

Good Neighbor Policy

Significance of 1949 (two things)

Barry Goldwater

Camp David Accords

Chinese Exclusion Act

vertical and horizontal integration

“forgettable presidents” (don’t forget them)

major strikes of the Gilded Age

Treaty of Versailles (debate)

Interstate Commerce Commission

Voting Rights Act of 1965

Progressive reforms of Wilson

Constitutional Amendments (16 – 27)

Helen Hunt Jackson

Presidents Nixon through George W. Bush

Sacco and Vanzetti

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Brown v. Board of Education


Dien Bien Phu

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Tet Offensive

War Powers Act

major demographic shifts of 21st century

New Frontier and Great Society

War on Poverty


Literary trends of 1950s

baby boom

Levittown (“white flight”)

Nuremberg trials

MLK and Malcolm X

Little Rock Nine

U-2 incident (1960)\


Black Panthers

Freedom Riders

Freedom Summer





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